COMMUNITY - Jamestown Jackals
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#IntegrityFirst, Inc. is a  New York State charitable corporation, based out of Jamestown, New York. Our purpose is to provide educational and character building programs and opportunities for children and adults. The mission of #IntegrityFirst, Inc. is to help individuals develop their potential and achieve success academically, athletically, financially, socially, and professionally by fostering integrity, motivation, responsibility, hope, perseverance, confidence, and sportsmanship. Additionally, we exist to help break the cycle of crime, substance abuse, and poverty by promoting positive lifestyle changes for all participants through multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships.

In furtherance of our purpose and mission, #IntegrityFirst, Inc. will operate a professional minor league men’s basketball team, The Jamestown Jackals, in the Premier Basketball League. Besides representing the community on the court, the team will also be involved in numerous community outreach opportunities throughout the season. We are truly passionate about the great opportunities the basketball team will bring to Jamestown and the surrounding communities. We are currently investigating collaborative opportunities to promote mutual objectives. 

Bingo, Board Games, and Basketball! The Jamestown Jackals spent Wednesday afternoon at the Winifred Crawford Dibert Boys and Girls Club of Jamestown!

Members of the Jamestown Jackals Professional Minor League Men’s Basketball Team shake hands with students from Gustavus Adolphus School. 

#IntegrityFirst Programming Opportunities

Anti-Drug Campaign

The Jackals will collaborate with various groups in the Jamestown community to promote the importance of smart choices. By setting a positive example, the Jackals will help youth stand up to negative pressures and influences. It’s not about telling people how to live their lives, but rather giving another perspective and sharing the truth, to encourage smart decision making.  


Jackals players will serve as tutors to foster a sense of commitment towards education. Tutoring sessions will assist students with their academic skills while also encouraging social development and goal setting.

Book Readings

Jackals will partner with youth groups in the community to not only read-a-loud, but all be read to by students. Jackals will model reading skills and strategies while also engaging in conversations to encourage comprehension and the importance of lifelong learning.

Motivational Chats

Each one of us has a story, a path we have traveled in life to get to our current locations. #IntegrityFirst believes that these experiences influence the people we are today. By sharing our personal stories, we at #IntegrityFirst can motivate others to reach their full potential. Our personal stories teach life lessons, while also helping build those connections to truly reach individuals and motivate them to be all that they can be.

Big Brother Trio

A mentorship program will be established to connect Jackals players, Jayhawk college students, and Junior Jackals of the community. This dynamic mentorship trio will provide a support system, while also teaching life skills and character building. Not only will the Jackals be able to serve as positive role models to the Jayhawk college students, but they will also teach mentoring strategies to the Jayhawks in order for them to co-serve as positive role models to youth from the community. Big Brother Trios will engage in both structured group activities and individual need based opportunities.


Jackals players and staff will serve as coaches for clinics and camps, providing expert basketball instruction with an underlying message that encourages positive lifestyle choices. Clinics and camps will be structured to provide participants with a lasting role model to encourage long-term character development.

Please email for more information!